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A Study in the Violent and Cynical Perversion of Truth, Justice, and Human Right

One of the most prominent villains in Scripture, Jezebel, demonstrates the cynical perversion of both worship and government, the destruction of human rights, and the persecution of the godly. This seminar will examine how an evil ruler like Jezebel can set the stage for God’s faithfulness to a remnant of His people.

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The Enneagram has become very popular among Evangelicals and is the latest of several personality tests developed over the last 150–200 years in Western culture. The Enneagram is an attempt to explain the complexity of humanity by categorizing people into one of nine personality types. As compelling as some of its explanations may appear, many do not know the dark history and theology behind the Enneagram.

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The “Woke Movement” stands in contrast to the worldview of the Scriptures and, as a result, Grace Church’s core beliefs. Its deviation from biblical authority results in a practical and ideological denial of the God of Scripture. This seminar will investigate ten areas of this deviation and consider the impact on society, while also asking how we can reach those caught in its web of deceit.

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It is common to hear people, and even many Christians, speak of “therapeutic wholeness,” “forgiving themselves,” “getting rid of the guilts,” or “loving themselves more” in order maintain a feeling of personal goodness or innocence. To most, guilt is an enemy to be suppressed, often at the cost of repeated sin, pharmaceuticals, or other harmful solutions. But is guilt the enemy? And what role does your view of sin and guilt play in spiritual growth and sanctification?

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To live in obedience to and for Christ in a world that is becoming more hostile.

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The Truth about Truth and Education

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How the World Turns Wisdom Upside Down

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This seminar will provide an overview of the “woke movement,” show areas where it contradicts biblical principles, and provide advice for interacting with those caught in the movement.

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