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Genuine Faith Receives The Word

Rodney Andersen | James 1:19–21 | 3/5/2023

Commissioned | Series: James

Receiving the word. Slow to speak, be quick to hear.

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Maintain Perspective During Trials

Rodney Andersen | James 1:9–12 | 11/6/2022

Commissioned | Series: James

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Pray Expectantly During Trials

Rodney Andersen | James 1:5–8 | 10/9/2022

Commissioned | Series: James

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As believers, we are not to allow our thinking to be taken captive by philosophy and empty deception. One of the most prevalent deceptive philosophies in our current culture is that of the victim mentality. This seminar discusses the biblical truth that defends against this dangerous mindset.

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