Camp Regen 2019

July 25 31, 2019

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High School Summer Camp
Glorieta, New Mexico

Our theme for Regen 2019 is ONE STORY. Far more than a collection of sixty-six random books, the Bible is one remarkable and breathtaking story. This story tells us where we started, where we are now, and where history is going. It makes sense of our greatest faults and gives hope to our loftiest desires. This is the story of God’s goodness, of man’s weakness, and of Christ’s beauty. This is not just a story; this is THE story. If we want to understand our purpose, our God, ourselves, and our Savior, we need to know this ONE STORY.

Speakers: John MacArthur, Austin Duncan, Josh Petras

If you chose to pay the deposit of $75 and not the full amount, you may pay your remaining amount on 7/25 when you check your student in for camp by cash, check, or credit card. Refunds will not be granted for any reason after Wednesday, July 10.

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John MacArthur image

John MacArthur

Grace Community Church Pastor / Teacher

Austin Duncan image

Austin Duncan

Grace Community Church Staff Pastor

Crossroads Pastor

Crossroads Elder

Josh Petras image

Josh Petras

180 Ministry Pastor

180 Ministry Elder

Grace Community Church Staff Pastor


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