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Tom Pennington has served as pastor-teacher at Countryside Bible Church in the Dallas area since 2003. Prior to arriving in Texas, he served 16 years at Grace Community Church, including as senior associate pastor and personal assistant to John MacArthur. Prior to that, he served as managing director of Grace to You, overseeing the day-to-day operations of that ministry. He has also contributed to a number of publications, including The MacArthur Study Bible. Tom’s teaching ministry is featured on The Word Unleashed (

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General Session 6: Faithful in the Home

Tom Pennington | Selected Scriptures | 3/6/2019

Shepherds' Conference | Shepherds' Conference 2019

General Session 8

Tom Pennington | Matthew 28:16-20 | 3/9/2018

Shepherds' Conference | Shepherds' Conference 2018

Hanging on Every Word

Tom Pennington | Selected Scriptures | 3/8/2018 Seminar Session

Shepherds' Conference | Shepherds' Conference 2018

Refining the Art of Consecutive Exposition

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Sin is Not Your Master!

Tom Pennington | Romans 6:1-2 | 7/16/2017

Grace Community Church

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General Session 12

Tom Pennington | Selected Scriptures | 3/3/2017

Shepherds' Conference | Shepherds' Conference 2017

Up from the Grave: The Resurrection

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