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The Lowly Coronation of the High King of Heaven

John MacArthur | Luke 19 | 4/5/2020

Grace Community Church

Peace in a Pandemic

Mike Riccardi | Philippians 4:6-7 | 4/5/2020


Battling Anxiety in the Midst of Crisis

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Saved By the Triune God

Josh Petras | John 17:3 | 4/1/2020

180 Ministry | Series: 180 Online

Discussion Questions
How does the love of God impact our evangelism?
When are the times that you might doubt God’s love for you?
Is God’s unconditional love an excuse to sin?
What might it mean if someone does not love God? (1 John 4:19)
How does the truth of adoption affect how you slay sin? repent?

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Sanctification, Part 3

Brad Klassen | Selected Scriptures | 4/1/2020

Men of the Word

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Parenting for Life lecture for Discipleship Counseling 2

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