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May 27, 2020

Sermon on 1 Peter 1:3-12, "Life is Brutal... PRAISE GOD" by Josh Petras.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does v.4 describe the inheritance of a believer? How does our heavenly inheritance compare then to what we acquire here on earth?
  2. If our hope is placed in the person of God what are some attributes we know to be true of His nature that bring us peace?
  3. How should a believer’s life be characterized in a trial?
  4. What has the trail of the stay-at-home order revealed to you about your heart?
  5. What makes our position as a human being different than an angel’s as far as our relationship with God and Christ? How then should you live in response to the grace you have experienced?

May 20, 2020

Sermon on 1 Peter 1:1-2, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" by Josh Petras.

Discussion Questions

  1. The message of 1st Peter is to ‘stand firm’. What can we learn from Peter’s life that supports this truth?
  2. How can you encourage others to ‘stand firm’? What are ways that you could hinder others from standing firm?
  3. What are some ways that you are set apart from the world?
  4. How does knowing that God has chosen you before the foundation of the world make you proud or humble?
  5. What is God’s attitude towards those who love him? How should that motivate us to live and communicate to those who do not love him?

May 13, 2020

Sermon on Mark 10:17-22 by Josh Petras.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe that God loves you more when you do good works and less when you sin?
  2. Do you typically identify with the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14 or the Tax Collector? What does Jesus teach us about them?
  3. Do you have too low a view of Christ? How does that manifest itself in your thoughts and actions?
  4. Is it possible to honor the Lord while not treasuring Him? Why not?
  5. Can you identify idols in your heart that keep you from following Christ?

May 6, 2020

"What is Heaven Like? Part 2" (Revelation 21:5-8) by Dan Tarr.

Discussion Questions

  1. What does verse 5 mean when it says, “God is making all things new”?
  2. How does the the world define “hope?” What does “Hope” mean for believers?
  3. What are the attributes of God revealed to us in this passage? How does knowing God’s true character affect our current hope?
  4. With the absence of meeting at church on Sunday or Bible study, how are you doing with overcoming sin? What is this revealing about your relationship with God?
  5. If you were to die today, would you go to heaven or hell? How do you know?

April 29, 2020

"What is Heaven Like? Part 1" (Revelation 21:1-4) by Dan Tarr.

Discussion Questions

  1. What does this passage teach us about heaven?
  2. When you think about heaven, what comes to mind?  What in this message changed or broadened your view of heaven?
  3. What is the most exciting thing about heaven?  What, if anything, scares you about heaven?
  4. Hoping in heaven means holding things this world very loosely.  What earthly things do you hold too tightly?  How would you respond if those things suddenly went away?
  5. In presenting the Gospel, how would you describe heaven to an unbeliever?

April 22, 2020

Sermon on Psalm 13 by Pastor Josh Petras for Wednesday, April 22. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your first response when you are in a trial? How has your prayer life been during this difficult season?
  2. In suffering, how do we pour out our hearts to the Lord while at the same time practicing Phil 2:14 (Do all things without grumbling or disputing)? Is that possible?
  3. What are some verses that you can think of that remind us that God is our comfort, our refuge or our help?
  4. What are somethings that you rely on to relieve suffering in trials other than the Lord?
  5. What are some verses that can fix our eyes on the cross and the steadfast love of God to bring us hope while we are in the midst of suffering? If you are a believer, will your sorrow ultimately end?

April 15, 2020

Sermon by Pastor Josh Petras for Wednesday, April 15. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it important to remember that God will always accomplish His purposes?
  2. Reference the following verses and answer: If I am a child of God, what has he promised me? John 10:28-29, Jude 24, Romans 8:28,29, Romans 10:13, Psalm 23, Matthew 16:18, Psalm 84:11
  3. How is God’s judgment of the wicked good news and bad news? How should that reality affect your life?
  4. What is the mercy of God? Do the people you know understand God’s mercy?
  5. God’s desire is for Christians to be faithful. In these weeks, how can you be obedient and faithful in your walk with Christ, your schoolwork, your home relationships, your relationships with unbelievers, and the church?

April 8, 2020

Sermon by Pastor Josh Petras for Wednesday, April 8. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is prayer?
  2. How is your prayer life? Do you enjoy prayer?
  3. What are some ways people think wrongly about prayer? What are some ways, you may think wrongly about prayer.
  4. How does the Trinity encourage us on prayer?
  5. How do we grow more consistent in prayer? Grow in our love for prayer?

April 1, 2020

“Saved by the Triune God” (John 17:3) by Pastor Josh Petras for Wednesday, April 1. 

Discussion Questions

  1. How does the love of God impact our evangelism?
  2. When are the times that you might doubt God’s love for you?
  3. Is God’s unconditional love an excuse to sin?
  4. What might it mean if someone does not love God? (1 John 4:19)
  5. How does the truth of adoption affect how you slay sin? repent?

March 25, 2020

In this video Pastor Josh teaches from 1 Peter 1:3–9 for Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Discussion Questions

  1. How has this time of quarantine affected your Walk in Christ?
  2. What trials have you experienced in this season ? What are 3 things that helps us view our trials in a different light?
  3. What are some things that this season has revealed about you?
  4. Peter says, “We have been born-again to a living hope.” How does this truth encourage our daily lives?
  5. What are some practical ways to treasure Christ through our trials?

March 18, 2020

In this video Pastor Josh teaches from Philippians 3:12-17 for Wednesday, March 18.

Discussion Questions

  1. What have your days looked like during this season?
  2. Have you experienced spiritual laziness? How has that impacted your walk with Christ?
  3. What are practical ways to start “pressing on” in your life?
  4. Paul talks about “forgetting what lies behind.” Are there things from the past that are hindering you from running? Past sins? Past successes? Past pursuits?
  5. What are your spiritual goals for this time?

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