Investing in Eternity

For more than a decade, Camp Regeneration has been an annual testament to the life-changing work of the Word. Every summer, high school students from across the country gather for a week focused on powerful preaching. The result: countless testimonies and immeasurable fruit. Many have been converted, while others have experienced a week of radical growth.

After a year of no summer camp, we are thrilled to announce that CAMP REGEN IS BACK! From July 30–August 5, hundreds of high school students will travel to Glorieta, New Mexico, for a week of great fun, powerful preaching, and incredible worship. We are thrilled to have Pastor John join us again this year, along with our college pastor, Austin Duncan. In this Bible-centered atmosphere, we hope to see the Lord work mightily once again.

The preaching theme for Regen 2021 is, “Number Your Days.” For most young people, death is a far-off reality—something kept out of mind, since it probably won’t happen for a long time. Likewise, our culture tries to minimize the reality of death: graveyards are called memorial parks, and morticians are now called “directors.”

Rather than avoiding death, the Bible teaches us that we gain a heart of wisdom by numbering our days (Psalm 90:12). The best way to be wise in this life is to realize that it won’t last forever. The key to skillful living is to have a keen awareness that we all will eventually die.

And yet, the Bible provides glorious hope and even joy on the topic of death. We have a God who is eternal, untainted by death. Further, God sent His Son to conquer death, to free us from the fear of death, and to provide eternal life for all who believe in Him. This is a topic your student won’t want to miss.

Ways to Partner

Camp Regeneration has always been a “whole church” ministry. It cannot exist without the partnership and support of the entire body. There are two primary ways you can help.

Pray. The greatest support you can provide is prayer. Our biggest need is for the Lord to be at work in our camp. We would love prayer for unbelievers to come, for the preaching, for conversion, and for spiritual growth.

Give. You can also partner with us by contributing to the Camp Regen Scholarship Fund—a financial resource that allows us to say “yes” to our students and their unsaved friends who otherwise would not be able to attend. You can provide a full scholarship ($425), half-scholarship ($215), or any other amount you feel led to give.

Our church family plays a critical role in the ministry we do at Camp Regen, and for that, we’re thankful. With camp just two months away, we eagerly anticipate seeing fruit as the Lord works through His Word and through His Church.

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