One Week, Eternal Impact

For over a decade, Camp Regeneration has been an annual testament to the life-changing work of the Word. Every summer, high school students from across the country gather for a week focused on the person and work of Christ through the proclamation of His Word. The result: countless testimonies and immeasurable fruit. Many have been converted, while others have experienced a week of radical growth.

As we approach the summer, we are excited to announce that Camp REGEN is almost here! From July 29–August 4, hundreds of high school students will travel to Glorieta, New Mexico for a week of epic fun, biblical preaching, and Christ-exalting worship. Each year it is the goal of our camp to invest in a ministry that allows our students to enjoy their summer break while emphasizing and prioritizing the preaching and study of God’s Word.

Two of our most frequently asked questions in high school ministry are 1) How can I be saved? and 2) How can I know I’m saved? Life, even the Christian life, is riddled with fears, disappointments, uncertainties, struggles, sins, temptations, and trials. For the unbeliever, these realities lead to despair and demonstrate a need for deliverance. For the believer, their continued presence can lead to doubts and demonstrate a need to be assured of God’s promises.

The theme of Camp REGEN 2023 is “Heaven on Earth,” focusing on the assurance of salvation found in Christ alone. Jesus is both the hope of future glory and our ultimate joy in this present age (Ps. 35:9; 1 Pet. 1:8). The knowledge that we will be saved is anchored in the knowledge of God’s Son. It is heaven on this side of glory to know Christ, the salvation He freely offers, and the comfort He presently provides. Assurance is, therefore, not rooted in how we feel, but in a true and experiential knowledge of Christ.

This camp, our prayer is that souls would be saved, sin would be put to death, and students would strive zealously in their faith. We want students who ask how they can be saved to believe upon Christ, and we want students who ask how they can sure they are saved to abide in Christ as they grow in their knowledge of him.

Ways to Partner

Camp Regeneration has always been a “whole church” ministry. It cannot exist without the partnership and support of the entire body. There are two primary ways you can help.

Pray. The greatest support you can provide is prayer. Our biggest need is for the Lord to be at work in our camp. We would love prayer for unbelievers to come, for the preaching, for conversion, and for spiritual growth.

Give. You can also partner with us by contributing to the Camp Scholarship Fund—a financial resource that allows us to say “yes” to our students and their unsaved friends who otherwise would not be able to attend. You can provide a full scholarship ($499), half-scholarship ($250), or any other amount you feel led to give. 

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