One Week, Eternal Impact

For nearly two decades, Camp Regeneration has been an annual testament to the life-changing work of the Word. Every summer, high school students from across the country gather for a Scripture-saturated week focused on the person and work of Christ. Time and time again, we have seen the blessing of camp through countless testimonies and immeasurable fruit. Many have been come to faith in Christ, while others have experienced a week of radical growth.

Heading into the summer, we are ready and eager to get back to Camp Regen! From July 25–31, over 1,200 high school students will travel to Glorieta, New Mexico for a week of epic fun, biblical preaching, and Christ-exalting worship. Each year it is the goal of our camp to invest in a ministry that allows our students to enjoy their summer break while emphasizing and prioritizing the preaching and study of God’s Word.

This year’s theme is “In His Image.” Our young people are increasingly wrestling with issues of identity, self-actualization, and self-worth. Whether due to selfish ambition, cultural pressures, or life experiences, these prompt one of life’s simplest and most profound questions: “Who am I?” In every era of human history, man has sought to define himself and answer that question in hopes of finding joy, identity, and purpose. Yet, no amount of autonomy or self-discovery has proven sufficient to satisfy the soul. Instead, we have created for ourselves a world of utter confusion and chaos, one that has led countless men and women into unrighteousness, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Looking inwardly has left humanity underwhelmed and unfulfilled.

The only true and life-giving answer to this question is not found by looking inward, but upward. If man is to know who he is, he must know who God is. Scripture teaches that man was made by God, for God, and in the image of God (Gen. 1:26–27). Sin has fractured and distorted that image. In paving his own way, man has dishonored and rejected the way of God. And yet, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we do not need to be defined by our sins but are graciously offered a new life defined by our Savior (Rom. 8:29; 1 Cor. 15:49). Our goal this summer is to help students embrace how the unchanging truth of God defines and ultimately transforms us in His image.

Our prayer is that souls would be saved, sin would be put to death, and students would walk in the truth of the gospel. We want students who are longing for a sense of identity and purpose to recognize that they already belong to God as His creation, but by faith in Christ, they can be loved, satisfied, and changed as His children. And we want students who already claim the name of Christ to follow Him more confidently and passionately as they continue to be conformed to His own image. Join us in praying for God’s bountiful work this year at Camp Regen!

Ways to Partner

Camp Regeneration has always been a “whole church” ministry. It cannot exist without the partnership and support of the entire body. There are two primary ways you can help.

Pray. The greatest support you can provide is prayer. Our biggest need is for the Lord to be at work in our camp. We would love prayer for unbelievers to come, for the preaching, for conversion, and for spiritual growth.

Give. You can also partner with us by contributing to the Camp Scholarship Fund—a financial resource that allows us to say “yes” to our students and their unsaved friends who otherwise would not be able to attend. You can provide a full scholarship ($499), half-scholarship ($250), or any other amount you feel led to give. 

Our church family plays a critical role in the ministry we do at Camp Regen, and for that, we’re thankful. With camp just two months away, we eagerly anticipate seeing fruit as the Lord works through His Word and through His Church.

Support a student and their family by blessing them with a summer camp scholarship. This can be an incredible way to encourage a family in need and make it possible for a high schooler to attend a life-changing camp with Grace Church!

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