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Domingo por la mañana

Domingos • 8:30 and 10:30AM • Capilla

Unidas en Cristo

Tercer martes • •

Sunday Evenings

Sundays • 6:00PM • Worship Center


7–8:30am, 12–1:30pm

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 10:30AM • Family Center

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 10:30AM • Tower Basement

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30AM • Family Center

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 10:30AM • T261

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 10:30AM • T360s

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 10:30AM • T371

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30AM • T260s

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30AM • T370

Friday Evenings

Fridays • 7:30PM • T361

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30AM • Tower Basement

Sunday Evenings

Sundays • 6:00PM • Tower Basement

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30 and 10:30AM • Worship Center

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30 and 10:30AM •

Grace Club

Tuesdays • 6:45PM • Family Center

Sunday Mornings

Sundays • 8:30AM • T360s

Monday & Friday


Oración de varones

Segundo sábado • •

Estudio Bíblico y Oración

Miércoles • 7:00PM • T260

Tuesday - Thursday


A Roadmap to Pilgrim's Progress

Just released! Part 5: The Cross and the Sepulcher. A Roadmap to Pilgrim's Progress is a series of devotional studies from Mike Riccardi. Additional studies released each week.

Grace Community Church

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Against the President and Churches

We were elated yesterday morning when President Trump declared churches to be essential, asked us to open this very Sunday, and promised to fight any state government that tried to stand in the way. As I've said many times, the Bible would have...

Grace Community Church

Adventures with Ranger Joe

We’re delighted to be able to share some activities you can do with your children this Lord’s day. These activities complement the Generations of Grace lesson for this week...


Thinking Biblically in Extraordinary Circumstances

In this latest installment of “Thinking Biblically,” Dr. Clayton Erb shares his personal testimony, insights from a lifetime of music ministry, and reflections on more than four decades at Grace Community Church.

Grace Community Church

Getting to Know Our Missionaries

This series of interviews is designed to help you get better acquainted with our Grace Church missionaries, their testimonies, and their ministries, and learn how you can pray for them.


A Mid-week Message from Our Pastor

Don’t miss this informal update from John MacArthur. Learn what the Lord is doing in our church family at home and around the globe, what’s happening on our campus, and what’s on our pastor’s heart.

Grace Community Church

Parenting for Life

Wednesdays, June 3 July 29, 2020

Although we don’t usually think of these familiar words Jesus spoke to Nicodemus in terms of child-rearing, they really provide a window into the heart of Christian parenting.


180 Online

Wednesday night messages and resources for 180 High School Ministry.

180 Ministry

Home Devotionals

These devotional talks from our Grace Church pastors are designed to bring the truth of God's Word to you directly, in the comfort of your own home. Listen to these helpful messages, and find encouragement for your faith.

Grace Community Church

Grace Church App Now Available

The new Grace Church app is now available both on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

Grace Community Church

Ultimas Noticias de Grace en Español

Actualizaciones de Grace en Español.

Grace en Español

Orchids to First Responders

Over the weekend, our church distributed a generous donation of more that 5,400 orchid plants to hospitals and first responders all over the San Fernando Valley.

Grace Community Church

Currently in EWG

Information on this weeks Every Woman's Grace teaching to watch at home.

Every Woman's Grace


Sunday, June 14, 2020 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. —1 Corinthians 11:26

Grace Community Church

Volunteer for VBS 2020

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sign-up by June 14, Dates: July 21-25, Theme: The Great Exploration

Vacation Bible School

Elders Meeting

Thursday, June 18, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The elders meet in room CC230 on the third Thursday of the month from 7:00–8:30 p.m. This meeting is open to our church family.

Grace Community Church

Happy Birthday, Dolores!

Join us as we celebrate a special birthday with Grace Church founding member Dolores Michaelson.

Grace Community Church

Opportunity Sheet

The Opportunity Sheet is back! The Opportunity Sheet is a weekly publication of Grace Community Church, offered as a courtesy to our church family...

Grace Community Church

XCHANGE Jr. High Bible Study Guides

Pastor Jay Lennington provides a video update to the parents of Jr. High Students and introduces the James Bible Study.


Ultimas Noticias de EWG en Español

Ultima información sobre EWG en Español, junto con la enseñanza de esta semana.

Every Woman's Grace

Recommended Reading

Learn more about Anxious for Nothing, a timely resource from John MacArthur now available at Grace Books.

Grace Community Church

Sojourners Update

Joe Zhakevich gives an update on Sojourners along with a message on Confidence in a Sovereign and Very Present God.


Home Devotional from Brian Biedebach

A Steadfast update and a series of devotionals from Brian Biedebach.


VBS 2020

July 21 25, 2020

Join us this summer for a free, five-day Vacation Bible School as we explore of the attributes of God and learn how we can trust in Him.

Vacation Bible School

An Update from Special Ministries

Join Pastor Rick McLean for an encouraging update from Grace Church Special Ministries.

Special Ministries

Regen Youth Leaders Conference

September 11 12, 2020

Join us for a weekend designed to equip youth pastors and volunteers (both men and women), for biblical, practical, and effective student ministry.

Grace Community Church