We Preach Christ

This was the handout given to the congregation and read aloud on Sunday morning, February 14, 2021.

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We Preach Christ

We preach Christ who is the Eternal Son, one in nature with the Eternal Father and the Eternal Spirit—the triune God.

Who is the creator and life-giver, as well as the sustainer of the universe and all who live in it.

Who is the virgin born Son of God and Son of Man—fully divine and fully human.

Who is the one whose life on earth perfectly pleased God and whose righteousness is given to all who by grace through faith become one with Him.

Who is the only acceptable sacrifice for sin that pleases God and whose death under divine judgment paid in full the penalty for the sins of His people, providing for them forgiveness and eternal life.

Who is alive, having been raised from the dead by the Father validating His work of atonement and providing resurrection for the sanctification and glorification of the elect to bring them safely into His heavenly presence.

Who is at the Father’s throne interceding for all believers.

Who is God’s chosen Prophet, Priest and King, proclaiming truth, mediating for His church and reigning over His kingdom forever.

Who will return suddenly from heaven to rapture His church, unleash judgment on the wicked, bring promised salvation to the Jews and the nations and establish His millennial reign on earth.

Who will, after that earthly reign, destroy the universe, finally judge all sinners and send them to hell, then create the New Heavens and the New Earth where He will dwell forever with His saints in glory, love and joy.

This is the Christ we preach.

Written by John MacArthur