Imprisoned for the Gospel

The elders of Grace Community Church want to voice our support for James Coates, a Master’s Seminary alumnus and former member of Grace Church. James was arrested last week in Alberta, Canada, for faithfully shepherding the flock of God among him. A week later, he remains in custody, away from his dear wife and children and away from his precious church.

We are praying for comfort, strength, and courage for Erin, the boys, and his church family as they endure his absence. We are asking the Lord to grant him a quick release, and a swift return to the pulpit. In the meantime, we pray for Jacob and the other elders, that they would be courageous and steadfast in shepherding God’s people.

Grace Church grieves with these saints as they grieve, and we rejoice with them as they rejoice in suffering in a manner worthy of the gospel. We ask all followers of Christ to join with us in praying for James’ release from prison.

On Sunday, February 21, Pastor John prayed for James Coates during the morning service.