The Family of God

The Bible encourages Christians to actively participate in a close-knit family of believers, with the goal of stirring one another up to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24–25). God designed the local church to be the venue in which believers engage in fellowship, equipping, and accountability to that end. Our firm commitment to this concept of community within the family of God is what drives Fellowship Groups at Grace Church. Fellowship Groups are designed to narrow your immediate circle of ministry into the hundreds, because in a church of thousands, relational ministry can otherwise be overwhelming.

Each Fellowship Group has its own leadership team composed of pastors and elders committed to teaching and investing in the lives of their flocks. Every Sunday morning, each group meets for a time of teaching, worship, and fellowship, and throughout the week they break into smaller, regional Bible studies. Fellowship Groups are open to adults and families in every season of life. The relationships that form at this level grow from close, consistent communion with other believers, and come with opportunities to show the kind of self-denying love and service the church was designed to display.

We’re blessed to be part of a church that is committed to striving toward God’s standard for Christian community, and we’re encouraged that God continues to bless our ministry as we seek to glorify Him before a watching world. If you’re new to our church or looking to connect more deeply with other believers, we would encourage you to begin attending a Fellowship Group.



Adult Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups will begin meeting next Sunday, August 1 at 8:30 am.

Anchored • T360s
We call ourselves “Anchored” because we know that our salvation in Jesus Christ will give us the full assurance of hope until the end. Our goal as a ministry is to provide opportunities for mentorship, the application of Scripture, and growth in relationships with Christ and one another, so that we will be anchored as we run the race set before us. More Information

Commissioned • Family Center 2
We call ourselves “Commissioned” as a reminder that the Great Commission is meant to be the vision of ministry in the local church and in global missions. We exist to provide opportunities for gospel-centered ministry within our church family and in partnership with our missionaries around the world. More Information

Cornerstone • T370s
Our name, “Cornerstone,” reminds us that our lives on earth and hope in heaven are built on Christ, the Cornerstone. We desire to provide opportunities for growth at both the personal level and within our church family as we strive to live as a church built on the person and work of Jesus Christ. More Information

Crossroads • Tent
As the college and career ministry of Grace Community Church, we exist to magnify God and spread a passion for His glory by making disciples and shepherding them to value Jesus Christ above all else. During the school year, our campus and home Bible studies meet across the greater Los Angeles area. More Information

GraceLife • Chapel & Chapel Plaza
“GraceLife” is a reminder that God’s grace is the source of our salvation and the foundation for our Christian lives. Our overarching aim is to proclaim God’s Word faithfully with a view to presenting everyone complete in Christ (Colossians 1:28), for the glory and pleasure of God. Every ministry conducted in GraceLife works to that end. More Information

Joint Heirs • Family Center 1
“Joint Heirs” summarizes the truth that we are the children of God and through Christ, we share in His gracious inheritance of eternal life. We are His beneficiaries, and fellow heirs with Christ and other believers through this glorious adoption. Every aspect of our ministry is designed to point to this great hope. More Information

Sojourners • Family Center 3
Our name, “Sojourners,” reminds us that we are foreigners here on earth, and that our citizenship is in heaven. Our teaching focuses on the revelation of the Old Testament, with its fulfillment and real-life application in the New Testament. More Information

Steadfast • T260s
“Steadfast” is a reminder that our lives are controlled by the work of the cross, and as such, our “labor is not in vain.” We exist to provide opportunities for edification at both the personal level and within our church family. We hope that the Lord will continue to work in our church as He brings people to our fellowship group and grows us in loving and serving one another. More Information