Conferencia Expositores 2023

By the grace of God, the Spanish-speaking church continues to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, with the prevalence of charismatic theology and prosperity gospel preachers in Latin America, the need for sound doctrine in regard to theology proper is vital.

For this very reason, we have called upon our Spanish-speaking family, both church members and leaders alike, to join us September 15–16 at our annual Spanish-language Expositors’ Conference (Conferencia Expositores). This year’s theme will be “Admiring the Glory of God”. Speakers will include John MacArthur, Luis Contreras, Josiah Grauman, Alejandro Peluffo, Sugel Michelén, David Barceló, and more. We look forward to the ministry of these faithful men who are contending with the theological aberrations of this age on the front lines.

We would ask that you please pray for the more than 2,000 Spanish-speaking attendees, in addition to our volunteers serving them. You can also pray for our speakers who are diligently preparing their messages. Our desire is that the Lord would use this conference to stir the hearts of many to pursue holiness through the power of the Spirit and the immutable Word of God.

Another way you can support this conference is by donating a scholarship. There are many Spanish-speaking church leaders and members who have expressed a desire to come but do not have the means to register. If you are interested in helping support a potential attendee in this way, you can give online or by visiting our Patio table outside the Chapel today.

We also encourage any Spanish-speakers in our own congregation who would like to learn and experience what God is doing through this conference to visit our website or stop by our Patio table. For those interested in attending or encouraging others to attend, registration closes August 31.

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